Guided Meditation Groups

Guided Meditation is a way to go on a spiritual journey in order to relax, connect and gain insight into our lives.

Each session will have a different topic. Each topic focuses on working with guides, archangels, masters and loved ones to bring more peace and ease into our everyday lives.

Morning Guided Meditation Groups

😇 $20 Investment to Laugh, Cry, Vent and MEDITATE and possibly win a FREE READING 😇

Benefits of coming to class include:

  • relaxation and stress reduction
  • grounding and centering
  • rejuvenation of mind, body, spirit
  • communication with spirit in order to heal, grow and “lighten your load”
  • laughing with and learning from like minded individuals

Classes in comfy living room setting. Cozy and relaxed atmosphere. Water, tea and coffee offered. Classes are all about your benefit. Come in pajamas if that is how you are most comfortable!

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