Client Testimonials for Dominique C.

“I had a reading with Dominique today and she was wonderful. She was very honest and personable the whole time. She connected with a few of my loved ones and most of the points that came through were very clear and hit home. I highly recommend Dominique and look forward to working with her again.”
— Gabriella Lopiano Palmeri

“Went to many of Dominique guided meditations and they were all amazing! Her voice is so calming that I was so relaxed I dozed off! The messages are always amazing… I can’t wait for another class to attend!”
— Francine Marashlian Spitaleri

“I full-heartedly enjoyed my reading with Dominique. She relayed specific messages from loved ones in a caring and compassionate manner. Her ability to psychically visualize and describe people, objects and events in my life was very impressive. My experience was enlightening and I would recommend Dominique to any one of my closest friends!”
— Micheline Esthetician

“My reading with Dominique really validated that my loved ones who have passed, are still watching over my family and I. It’s amazing how much they had to say and how accurate their comments were. I would definitely recommend Dominique to anyone who is hoping to connect with loved ones who have passed. I look forward to working with her in the future and trying out one of her evening classes!”
— Tara Zysopoulos

“Had an amazing guided meditation with Dominique in one of her classes. It was so relaxed and calming. Services are fantastic. She also delivers her messages in her readings in a very calm and considerate way. Highly recommend!”
— Linda Hinton Alba

“I recently had a call with Dominique during which we discussed my son, she received the message to not take what he says personally. That very night there was a conversation where I had to do just that and it related to other topics we discussed as well. My angels are watching and Dominique was able to connect with them. I highly recommend working with her.”
— Laura Morris

“Dominique has a gift! I cannot wait for another session with her! Congratulations Dominique!”
— Dana Benfield